5 Free Android Games That Do Not Require an Internet Connection

Zenonia 3

If you love spending hours hacking monsters, exploring strange lands, and enduring long dialogues, then you should play Zenonia 3. This 2D role-playing game can be extremely addicting, thanks to its simple controls and abundance of diverse quests. Aside from the quirky conversations between cute chibi characters, gameplay is quite immersive and fast-paced.

A perfect game for long bus journeys, Zenonia 3 reminds me of 16-bit J-RPGs. But the graphics look much better–more polished and bright. The game offers tons of exploration-based quests, puzzles, and monster battles that will keep boredom at bay.

The control system is simple–players move their character using a virtual d-pad and attack by tapping the assault button. There are plenty more features, such as character upgrades, deep skill trees, and collectible magical items and weapons. Download this game if you crave endless hours of hacking and slashing fun.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is one of those rare “you become the villain” games that make you the ultimate enemy of the good. It lets you create and spread a virus to infect and wipe out the human race from the face of the earth. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? You spend DNA points to make the virus evolve, becoming deadlier and drug-resistant. What’s more, you get to choose symptoms and abilities that spread the virus rapidly, which means more infections and more deaths. You lose if nations find a cure, and you win if the news ticker stops updating, evidence that all humans have succumbed to the pandemic.

Cut the Rope: Experiments

If you ever played Cut the Rope, you will enjoy the same game mechanics in Experiments, plus totally new levels that are quite challenging.

In Cut the Rope: Experiments, you need to snap the right ropes so that the candy can go directly into Om Nom’s mouth. Objects like air cushions, bubbles, additional ropes, and creepy crawlies will assist you in delivering the candy to its rightful owner. The first levels are fun to complete, but the real challenge lies in Level Pack 2 and beyond, where rope shooters and other fun elements await you. There are eight level packs in total, and all 200 levels can be played offline, to keep you busy for hours.

Doodle Jump

This vertical platformer can really make you feel dizzy for a while, but once you have mastered the accelerometer/touch controls, jumping over static and moving platforms will be easier for you. Of course there are obstacles like black holes, spiders, and other monsters that can send your long-nosed avatar tumbling down, but what’s a good platformer without challenges?

While jumping over platforms, you will come across various objects such as springs, propeller hats, and jetpacks that can propel your character up quickly for a few seconds of fun. For example, jumping on a jetpack will make your character zoom up past several platforms, but eventually the engines will give out, and you will need to go back to tilting your device until you discover another power-up.

Doctor Who: Legacy

Legacy is a Doctor Who-themed game with backgrounds, enemies, and characters straight from popular television episodes. It borrows gameplay elements from Puzzle & Dragons, with quite a few new features.

There isn’t any energy system, or strict penalties. It’s a simple match-3 puzzler with popular characters to collect, upgrade, and use their special powers to attack enemies. Yes, you can recruit new characters to your team and fight monsters and villains by matching gems. And you don’t have to match only adjacent gems – you can drag a gem as far as possible and swap it with another gem to make a match. Each level has a familiar setting that will instantly appeal to Doctor Who followers.

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