Google Pixel 3 to Feature Call Screen Transcripts

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL were launched with the demonstration of a new feature called “Call Screen”. Call screen does exactly what it says  – screen your calls with the help of Google Assistant, which handles the call  using AI and Machine Learning. The entire converstaion gets transcribed as the call proceeds. The transcript gets deleted as the call ends. This will change by the end of the year as Google enables the saving option for the transcript.

google pixel 3

The Call Screen feature wasnot included with Pixel 3 at the time of launch but is now making its way there. Soon, the eariler Pixels will also be equipped with the same. By the end of the year, all Pixels are expected to sport the feature.

The feature gives you three options when you receive a call “Accept”, “Reply with a message” and “Screen call”. If you select the “Screen” option, Google Assistant takes over the call and answers it for you. The whole purpose of this feature is to fight spamming, but it is possible to use it for a call that you may want to take on later.

google pixel 3

Here is what Paul Dunlop, one of the product managers of Call Screen had to say in the announcement of November 12, 2018: “I’m happy to confirm that we will be launching support for saving the transcript , later this year. The transcript of the screened portion of the call will be automatically saved in your Call Log once the call has ended. You will be able to access it via the Call Details section of an individual call log item.”

Let’s take an example to understand how this works. Let’s say you get a call from an unknown number. You can choose the option ‘Screen Call’. It does not need your Wi-Fi or  data to work. Google Assistant will your answer the call for you and you can listen to the call as it happens. After speaking to the caller, Google Assistant will check with the user whether to go ahead with the call or mark it as spam. Then, you can respond as you feel right.

With the call screen feature, you can now say goodbye to wasting time with spam calls.

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