Common Problems With Long Distance Moving Companies

Long Distance Moving Companies is a great way to expedite your long distance move. While most long distance Moves are cost-efficient and hassle-free, there are some major drawbacks to cross state moves. Each year, approximately 3 million American families move across state lines. Although cross-state moves are fairly common, relocating can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

Many long distance moving companies offer free estimates for packing and moving. Free estimates are not always offered, however. A free estimate is a general idea of how much packing and moving will cost, not an accurate assessment of your packing and moving needs. Free estimates are sometimes not even offered if the mover is in another state, or within the same city as you. To receive a quote, contact the company with your current address and packing details. You can also email them or call their customer service number to speak to a representative about your moving costs.

When receiving an estimate for your move, long distance movers will provide a detailed packing breakdown that will include all the materials needed, the weight and size of each item, and any special requirements for each load. The estimate may also include a list of items that will require special handling, such as refrigeration units or non-pressurized containers. Most people tend to overestimate the number of square feet of packing space required by their move, which often results in overloading, damages, or delayed trips. To obtain an accurate estimate, it is best to contact several moving companies to get an accurate number of square feet of packing space.

It is important to remember that long distance moving companies do not provide insulation. In most cases, it would cost significantly more to pack and store insulation materials in the truck than what it would to hire movers to do the packing. When you receive your estimate, ask the moving company to provide you with a list of materials and a copy of their packing estimate so that you can determine for yourself how much additional cost you will incur.

Another area where many people find problems with long distance movers is the planning stage. Many movers only accept requests for specific dates and times of moves. They may request two weeks prior to your moving date to prepare the house, furniture, and belongings for moving. If you want to make arrangements for other activities during this time, you will have to let the movers know. The long distance moving companies might offer to help with these last minute plans, but they will charge extra for it.

There are many other issues that go on between the time of your request for moving services and the time of your move. Long distance moving companies will try their best to accommodate you, but it is important that you feel comfortable with them. You should feel confident that they will be timely in their work and that your possessions will not be damaged during the move. This will help to ensure that you do not end up paying for the damage that was unnecessary.