Dental Associates Work With Dentists to Provide a Quality Dental Treatment Experience

Dental Associates is a privately owned dental recruitment firm that has been helping patients in the Wisconsin area for over twenty years. Dental Associates offers the full range of professional dental services including cleanings, examinations, fluoride treatments, X-rays and much more. For a small monthly fee, patients can receive the same level of dental care as those who pay a higher fee. The Dental Association of America and the American Dental Assistants Association are nationally accredited partners. Because dental assistants work directly under the supervision of a dentist, they are highly trained and have hands on training that is required of them.

CarePlus Dental Programs, an affiliate of Dental Associates offers quality group and individual dental plans for Wisconsinites and companies. Along with dental care, the company offers full coverage dentistry insurance plans that make dental care more affordable for many patients of all ages. The Dental Assistance Plan (DAAP) program helps families with low or fixed incomes pay for routine and emergency dental care. Through Dental Associates plans, an individual can be covered for necessary and minor dental procedures like fillings, root canals, crowns and dentures. Plans also cover children’s dental care from birth to the age of eighteen. The Dental Discount Plan (DDP) is a discount dental plan for dental services, designed to cover the costs of routine and major oral surgery.

Dental Assistants in Dane County, Wisconsin are an agency of Care Plus Dental, which is an affiliate of the American Dental Association. Dental Assistants provide general dental care, such as tooth brushing and cleaning, to people with special needs. To meet the needs of these clients, dentists at Care Plus Dental offer a variety of treatment plans, which can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific patient. Care Plus Dental will refer their clients to an appropriate general dentist if they have questions about their treatment plan.

The Dental Assisting Service is operated by the Dane County Dental Board. The Dental Assistants offer a variety of dental services to clients free of charge. The Board also provides information about dental insurance and dental implants to its clients. The Dental Assistants can also refer their clients to a dentist if they do not feel comfortable with the treatment plan offered by their dentist. The Dental Assisting Service can perform basic procedures like tooth extraction, filling of the cavity, removing plaque, removing tooth decay and root canal therapy.

The Dental Assisting Service also provides its clients with referral letters and brochures about other health care services, such as immunizations and diabetes management. The referral letters and brochures can be printed and distributed by the Dental Assisting Service. The dental assistants work under the direct supervision of the dentist. They are also responsible for providing patient follow up services, such as follow up visits with the patients and updating the patient on the progress of their treatment.

Dental Assistants provide a significant contribution to the quality of patient care in both pediatric dentistry and family dentistry clinics. With increased dental implant technology that enables prosthetic devices and appliances to be comfortably and safely integrated into the dental patient’s mouth, patients expect improved quality of life and optimal results from thei