Professional Apartment Cleaning Services Vs. Home Cleaning Services

People who are trying to save money in a tight economy may be interested in contracting with a home cleaning service company. These services offer expert cleaning that is affordable and adds value to your property. The national average price for professional home cleaning services is roughly $33 an hour, with many homeowners paying much less than this. Hiring a housekeeper for even a simple two-week window cleaning contract can cost as much as $100 per visit, on occasion.

Home cleaning companies can be a great value for your time and effort, but only if they are properly regulated by state agencies. Professional cleaning companies that are licensed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the National House Cleaning Contractors Association (NHCCA) are typically the best choice for reliable, low-cost, professional cleaning. Check out these red flags:

DIY home cleaning services can cost much less than traditional contracting services. However, these companies do not guarantee a level of service that can be found only by using a professional company. Many homeowners try to perform their own minor cleaning projects, such as vacuuming, sweeping and dusting, themselves, without the supervision or help of a professional cleaner. These projects often contain hazardous substances that are more likely to be dangerous than they are to be cleaned. For example, many DIY enthusiasts may discover that they are unable to use certain products safely without endangering their personal health and safety.

When homeowners are hiring home cleaning services, they should ensure that they will be provided with a contract detailing all the services to be provided, a guarantee of quality results and written guarantees regarding any unforeseen circumstances. They may also receive additional services beyond what they had agreed to pay for in the contract. For example, some cleaning companies offer the option to have pets, children and other family members removed from the home to “assisting” the cleaners in their work. Such services are often not covered by the homeowner’s insurance.

Some homeowners choose DIY over professional home cleaning services because they are concerned about the chemicals that are used to perform these jobs. In most cases, the chemicals used are those that are available at the local grocery store and are meant to be used to spot clean floors, windowsills, appliances and furniture. However, some harmful chemicals are also contained in many cleaning products sold in stores. The use of these products should never be undertaken by anyone without consulting the warning labels on these products. Even the “green” household cleaners may contain toxic products.

Homeowners should always make sure that their apartment cleaning services include regular cleaning of tile and floor grout between each visit. Floors should be swept and mopped regularly to prevent spots and allergens from developing. In addition, homeowners should make sure that their professional home cleaning services include regular spot removal of pet hair and cigarette burns from stairways and porches. Many people with pets are surprised to learn that their pets can actually leave behind some harmful residue that will make their homes less appealing to prospective renters or buyers. This residue can taint the air quality in an apartment and can cause allergies to become problematic for everyone in the home.